During this time of quarantine and being confined to staying at home with the kids, we want to give you fun and engaging daily activities for you and your child to partake in! Every day we will be listing a fun activity for you and your child to try together at home!

Wed. March 18th: RAINBOScavenger Hunt

rainbow scavenger hunt.jpg

Have you and your child go in your backyard and find an item that matches each color of the rainbow. You can place them in a color coded empty egg carton container to hold the items!

Thurs. March 19th: Story Time Tent

Have your child use their creativity and build a story time tent. They can use pillows, blankets, couch cushions, or anything around the house to create a cozy get a way on this rainy day. When it is all done, cuddle up together and read a story in the tent! They can then play in the tent all day!

Fri. March 20th: Spring Walk

Since today is the first full day of Spring, talk to your kids about this beautiful season! Then go outside and find different signs of Spring. Listen to the birds chirp, look for flowers blooming, find a worm in the soil! Get outside and take in this warm weather with a walk around the block with your family like Miss Danielle did, or just play in the backyard and enjoy the first full day of Spring!

Mon. March 23rd: Sing Along Books

Learning Circle is one of our favorite times of the day! Every month, we are introduced to a new color, shape and number, along with the weekly letter, to learn through song! Here, we have Miss Melinda singing (quite beautifully, may I add) all of our March songs. Many of these tunes were introduced to your children at the beginning of the month. We hope everyone still remembers some of their favorites! Have fun, learn, and sing along with Miss Melinda! 

Tues. March 24th: My Name in Rocks

Miss Tricia came up with such a fun activity for you and your kids to do at home together! It's called "My Name in Rocks," and it involves writing letters on rocks that you find in your yard and then spelling your name with them. Check it out! If you participate in this fun activity, make sure to share all the different words you come up with! 

Milk Jug Catch

Miss Dj came up with a great outdoor activity to do with your kids! Have an adult cut the top of a milk or water jug to create the best tools to have a catch with. Check it out!

Wed. March 25th: Silly Sock Day

This week, we would be learning about the letter "S." Since today would have been SILLY SOCK DAY at school, we ask that you wear your silly socks all day at home! Here are a few of our EEK staff members wearing their silly socks at home. Please share with us your silly socks from home too!

Thurs. March 26th: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Here is a cute Spring craft Miss Brianna came up with for you and your child to do at home together that goes perfectly along with the attached reading of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." Watch the video above to listen to the story and then follow the steps in the pictures, to create your very own hungry caterpillar :)

Sidewalk Chalk Positive Message


One of our EEK families shared with us this amazing idea! Using painters tape and sidewalk chalk, they created this beautiful message in their driveway. What a great way to have the kids get outside and create a positive message for all to see! Like what this amazing piece of art says, lets all keep the HOPE! <3 

Fri. March 27th: Virtual Field Trips & Animal Activities 

If your kid is an animal lover, check out these amazing resources for learning more about animals from home. Below are a few links to great resources that have virtual field trips to zoos, national parks, historical landmarks and so much more! 

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 10.53.33 PM.pn

Mon. March 30th: Sing Along Books

As we approach a new month this week, we are introducing a new letter, number, shape and color to the kids. Here we have Miss Tricia singing the big books that we use during learning circle for the month of April. Have your kids listen, learn and sing along! :) 

Tues. March 31st: Letter Art


Here’s a fun craft Miss Danielle, Miss Brianna, & Miss Sophia created for you and your kids to do at home together. Decorate the first letter of your name, or the letter of the week “T,” with any craft materials you can find around the house! Get creative and decorate your letter in a fun or funky way!

Wed. April 1st: April Fools Game

In honor of April Fools Day, here’s a funny game for you to play with a family member or a pet at home. Here is Miss Dj trying to trick her dog Bullet…however Bullet is a VERY smart dog. Check out this funny but adorable video :p 

Thurs. April 2nd: Family Time Capsule

As we learn about the letter “T” this week, Miss Danielle thought it would be a fun idea to create a “Time Capsule.” In your home, find an old shoe box and decorate the outside however you’d like. After you’re done glamorizing the box, fill the inside with things that are special to you and your family at this time in your lives. Then, find a place in your yard or home to hide the Time Capsule and pick a future date to open it back up! 

Fri. April 3rd: #8 Fitness Challenge

Friday Fitness Challenge

As we learn about the number 8, Miss Chelsea wants to challenge you to a Friday Fitness Circuit! Have you and your family members try this number 8 inspired workout! You are to do 8 repetitions of the 8 listed exercises. If you’re feeling daring and energetic, try the circuit 8 rounds (Your kids will never forget the number 8 again ). Exercising is not only good for your physical health, but your mental health too! So, keep active and stay healthy!

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