During this time of quarantine and being confined to staying at home with the kids, we want to give you fun and engaging daily activities for you and your child to partake in! Every day we will be listing a fun activity for you and your child to try together at home!

Wed. March 18th: RAINBOScavenger Hunt

rainbow scavenger hunt.jpg

Have you and your child go in your backyard and find an item that matches each color of the rainbow. You can place them in a color coded empty egg carton container to hold the items!

Thurs. March 19th: Story Time Tent

story time tent.jpeg

Have your child use their creativity and build a story time tent. They can use pillows, blankets, couch cushions, or anything around the house to create a cozy get a way on this rainy day. When it is all done, cuddle up together and read a story in the tent! They can then play in the tent all day!

Fri. March 20th: Spring Walk


Since today is the first full day of Spring, talk to your kids about this beautiful season! Then go outside and find different signs of Spring. Listen to the birds chirp, look for flowers blooming, find a worm in the soil! Get outside and take in this warm weather with a walk around the block with your family like Miss Danielle did, or just play in the backyard and enjoy the first full day of Spring!

Mon. March 23rd: Sing Along Books

Learning Circle is one of our favorite times of the day! Every month, we are introduced to a new color, shape and number, along with the weekly letter, to learn through song! Here, we have Miss Melinda singing (quite beautifully, may I add) all of our March songs. Many of these tunes were introduced to your children at the beginning of the month. We hope everyone still remembers some of their favorites! Have fun, learn, and sing along with Miss Melinda! 

Tues. March 24th: My Name in Rocks

Miss Tricia came up with such a fun activity for you and your kids to do at home together! It's called "My Name in Rocks," and it involves writing letters on rocks that you find in your yard and then spelling your name with them. Check it out! If you participate in this fun activity, make sure to share all the different words you come up with! 

Milk Jug Catch

Miss Dj came up with a great outdoor activity to do with your kids! Have an adult cut the top of a milk or water jug to create the best tools to have a catch with. Check it out!

Wed. March 25th: Silly Sock Day

socks tricia.jpg

This week, we would be learning about the letter "S." Since today would have been SILLY SOCK DAY at school, we ask that you wear your silly socks all day at home! Here are a few of our EEK staff members wearing their silly socks at home. Please share with us your silly socks from home too!

Thurs. March 26th: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Step 1
Step 1

Cut out a leaf using green construction paper

Step 5
Step 5

Use a scissor to cut little bite marks in the leaf

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
The Very Hungry Caterpillar


Here is a cute Spring craft Miss Brianna came up with for you and your child to do at home together that goes perfectly along with the attached reading of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." Watch the video above to listen to the story and then follow the steps in the pictures, to create your very own hungry caterpillar :)

Sidewalk Chalk Positive Message




One of our EEK families shared with us this amazing idea! Using painters tape and sidewalk chalk, they created this beautiful message in their driveway. What a great way to have the kids get outside and create a positive message for all to see! Like what this amazing piece of art says, lets all keep the HOPE! <3 

Fri. March 27th: Virtual Field Trips & Animal Activities 

If your kid is an animal lover, check out these amazing resources for learning more about animals from home. Below are a few links to great resources that have virtual field trips to zoos, national parks, historical landmarks and so much more! 

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 10.53.33 PM.pn

Mon. March 30th: Sing Along Books

As we approach a new month this week, we are introducing a new letter, number, shape and color to the kids. Here we have Miss Tricia singing the big books that we use during learning circle for the month of April. Have your kids listen, learn and sing along! :) 

Tues. March 31st: Letter Art


Here’s a fun craft Miss Danielle, Miss Brianna, & Miss Sophia created for you and your kids to do at home together. Decorate the first letter of your name, or the letter of the week “T,” with any craft materials you can find around the house! Get creative and decorate your letter in a fun or funky way!

Wed. April 1st: April Fools Game

In honor of April Fools Day, here’s a funny game for you to play with a family member or a pet at home. Here is Miss Dj trying to trick her dog Bullet…however Bullet is a VERY smart dog. Check out this funny but adorable video :p 

Thurs. April 2nd: Family Time Capsule

Family Time Capsule
Family Time Capsule

Shhh..don't tell anyone what you put in the box
Shhh..don't tell anyone what you put in the box

Miss Danielle put in her box hand sanitizer (because she’s been keeping her hands clean), a paint brush (because they are painting their house to keep busy), a puzzle piece (because they are doing lots of puzzles), and a doggy ball (because they are playing with their puppy Molly so much).

Family Time Capsule
Family Time Capsule


As we learn about the letter “T” this week, Miss Danielle thought it would be a fun idea to create a “Time Capsule.” In your home, find an old shoe box and decorate the outside however you’d like. After you’re done glamorizing the box, fill the inside with things that are special to you and your family at this time in your lives. Then, find a place in your yard or home to hide the Time Capsule and pick a future date to open it back up! 

Fri. April 3rd: #8 Fitness Challenge

Friday Fitness Challenge

As we learn about the number 8, Miss Chelsea wants to challenge you to a Friday Fitness Circuit! Have you and your family members try this number 8 inspired workout! You are to do 8 repetitions of the 8 listed exercises. If you’re feeling daring and energetic, try the circuit 8 rounds (Your kids will never forget the number 8 again ). Exercising is not only good for your physical health, but your mental health too! So, keep active and stay healthy!

Mon. April 6th: Make a Face Mask

face masks 2.JPG
face masks.JPG

Here we have Miss Sandy in retirement, making face masks for the workers at Stony Brook Hospital with her grandson Rollo. Miss Sandy used different fabrics and strips of a white t-shirt to make these essential items. How amazing would it be if we were all able to help out and make some masks at home!? Below are a few links on how to create masks at home for other people or ourselves. We are all in this together <3

Tues. April 7th: Teddy Bear Day


As we learn about the letter “T”, today we celebrate with “Teddy Bear Day.” Bring your fuzzy friend with you around the house all day, and then share with us pictures all of the fun you had together!

Wed. April 8th: Have a Tea Party

Relax with a cup of tea, as Miss Tricia reads you a story about the Little Teapot for the letter “T.” After the story is over, have yourself your very own tea party with your family in your home.

Thurs. April 9th: Easter Activities

Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 11.25.23 PM.pn
Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 11.26.38 PM.pn
Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 11.26.06 PM.pn
Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 11.27.06 PM.pn

Click on the different activities above to see how to bring this Easter fun into your home!

Fri. April 10th: International Pet Day

Tomorrow, April 11th, is International Pet Day! Pets are so much more then just animals. They are our best friends, our support systems and the ones that can comfort us the most…especially during times like these. Make sure to give your pet some extra love this weekend and share with us a picture of you and your pet! #InternationalPetDay 

Mon. April 13th: Creative Craft Using Toilet Paper Rolls

doll house 1.jpg
doll house 2.jpg

One of our EEK families shared with us this creative craft to do at home, and we thought it was an amazing idea! They used a cardboard box and paper towel rolls to make a house, in which the kids were able to decorate and play with for hours. This is a great craft to do at home with the family using things that are just laying around the house, especially on a rainy day like today. Get creative and see what you can make! 

Tues. April 14th: "Clean Up Your Backyard" with Miss DJ

Here is a great game to play either inside or outside with the kids. Watch as Miss Dj explains how to play "Clean Up Your Backyard," with just a few simple items that you definitely have lying around the house. Hope you have a blast with this game. Stay healthy and keep moving!

Wed. April 15th: Letter "U" Sing-a-long

This week we would be learning about the letter “U.” Listen, learn and sing along as Miss Tricia sings about one of our most comical Frog Street Press Characters…Uncle Ugbee! Below is a link to a ditto for your kids to trace and practice writing the letter "U" :)

Build Your Own Obstacle Course

Create your very own obstacle course using different items from your home! Even have your pet try to complete the obstacle course!

Thurs. April 16th: Story Time

Get “u”nder a blanket as you listen to this funny story read by Miss Melinda. For the letter “U,” wouldn’t it be silly to listen to the story under a table or upside down!? Enjoy this unbelievable story!

Fri. April 17th: Umbrella Toss


Here is a fun and easy game to play for the letter "U"...Umbrella Toss! Open up an umbrella and have your kids try to get balls, socks or whatever into the upside down umbrella! It's super fun and allows the kids to play while learning about the letter "U."

Lifting Weights


Get sweaty this Saturday morning and have your child learn about the sound the letter “U” makes, by lifting some weights! UHH! To make these child friendly weights, you can use left over toilet paper or paper towel rolls. Simply wrap the recycled rolls in tinfoil, and then slice open a plastic ball to put on the ends. You can also roll up more tinfoil to attach to the ends to give it that realistic heavy look. Then start lifting and making that UHH sound with each rep!

The Series of Underpants Stories 

As we finish the letter “U,” Miss Tricia reads a series of stories based off of every kids favorite “U” word…UNDERPANTS. Enjoy these four silly stories that will sure to bring a smile to your kid’s faces :P

Mon. April 20th: Recycled Robots


In honor of Earth Day this week, here is a great activity for the kids to do that involves recycled products! Simply glue magnets to different shaped plastic caps or tops, and have them build their very own robot using recycled cans. Let their creativity fly as they learn about recycling too 

Tues. April 21st: Earth Art

Check out these amazing examples of "Earth Art" using all supplies from nature! Have your kids create a masterpiece using what’s in your very own back yard. Then share with us your beautiful "Earth Art" as we celebrate our Planet this week!

Wed. April 22nd: Earth Day Activities

Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 10.46.44 PM.pn
Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 10.45.33 PM.pn
Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 10.47.50 PM.pn

Thurs. April 23rd: Learning the letter "V"

This week we are learning about the letter “V.” Here is the sing-a-long book of Victor the Vulture, followed by a story featuring the letter “V.” Listen, learn and sing along as you learn about this new letter. Then have your child practice writing the letter!

Fri. April 24th: Volcano Experiment


What better way to learn about the letter “V” then to create a volcanic eruption!! Here are some pictures of our kids doing it last year, but check out the links below to see the different ways you can perform this experiment. 

Sunday Stories 

One of our EEK alumni, also Miss Dj's niece, wanted to read a story to everyone! Listen and enjoy this Sunday morning story with Cali and Miss Dj's dog Bullet!

Mon. April 27th: Hand Washing Experiments 

Here is a great way to teach your kids about the importance of washing your hands, while also introducing our new letter this week…”W!” Here is a fun way to teach your kids about what germs are using glitter.


Tues. April 28th: Walk & Wave

Miss Emily Waves Hello :)
Miss Emily Waves Hello :)

Miss Kayley Waves Hello :)
Miss Kayley Waves Hello :)

Miss Donna Waves Hello :)
Miss Donna Waves Hello :)

Miss Emily Waves Hello :)
Miss Emily Waves Hello :)


Go on a walk and give a friendly social distanced wave as we learn about the letter "W." We wave hello to all of our EEK families and miss you all so much!

Wed. April 29th: Letter "W' Sing-A-Long

Thurs. April 30th: Where's Waldo


'Where’s Waldo" is a great throwback game that also begins with our letter of the week. Bring this classic game to life by cutting out small printed characters of Waldo and hiding them around the house for your kids to find. Can you guess where this Waldo is? 

Fri. May 1st: "W" Activities & Crafts

Mon. May 4th: May Sing-Along Learning

As we start the month of May, we are introducing a new number, color, shape, and letter to the kids. Here we have Miss Tricia singing the big books that we use during learning circle for the month of May. This months number is 9, the color is purple, the shape is an oval, and the letter is X. Have your kids listen, learn and sing along! 

Tues. May 5th: Teacher Appreciation Day

“It takes big hearts to shape little minds,” and our teachers certainly have big hearts. Happy Teacher Appreciation Day to our amazing EEK Staff! We appreciate you today and every day. Here is a special thank you from some of the little minds that you’ve helped to shape over the past year :) 

Wed. May 6th: Letter "X" Xylophone 


As we learn about the letter “X” this week, the word “Xylophone” comes to mind. Here are some great activities for your kids to do, as they learn about this fun word and letter. Below is also the “X” tracing ditto for your kids to start practicing writing the letter at home. 

Thurs. May 7th: X-Ray Activities 

X-Ray Craft
X-Ray Craft

X-Ray Fish
X-Ray Fish

X-Ray Craft
X-Ray Craft

X-Ray Craft
X-Ray Craft


Here are some fun X-Ray activities for the letter "X." Scroll through and click the link to take you to the activity.

Fri. May 8th: Fun in a bo"X"

hot air balloon.jpg

Since this week we are learning about the sound the letter “X” makes, and Nursery school would be learning about transportation for their theme, what a better way to tie the two together, then to have your kids create something they can transport themselves in using a box!! Have your kids use their imagination and turn this “X” sounding item, into a spaceship, a plane, or even a hot air balloon! Check out the videos below to listen to these great stories about kids using their imagination using a simple box! Let’s see where your child’s imagination can take them :)

Sun. May 10th: Happy Mother's Day

Mon. May 11th: Letter "Y" Sing Along

This week we embark on the letter "Y." Listen, learn and sing along with Miss Tricia, as we learn about the letter "Y." Click the button below to download the letter "Y" tracing ditto as well! 

Tues. May 12th: Books of Transportation 

Wed. May 13th: Yoga for Kids

Thurs. May 14th: Planting Activities

With gardening season here, have your kids get dirty and involved in creating their very own garden in the backyard and learn how something can grow. Click on the picture and then the link to check out these fun activities!

Fri. May 15th: Say Thank You

Thank You

As Armed Forces Day approaches tomorrow, May 16th, please take some time to pay tribute, or say thank to our service military men and women. We’d like to show our great appreciation to ALL our military branches for serving and sacrificing for our freedom.

Sat. May 16th: Armed Forces Day

We would like to give our thanks and love to ALL of our armed forces and pay tribute to all the men and women who are currently serving, as well as those who have served, both active and former. EEK would like to share with you, some of our past and present family members who help to make up our Armed Forces.

Mon. May 18th: "Y" Activities 

As we come to the end of our alphabet, here are some fun letter “Y” activities for you and your kids to do at home together!

Tues. May 19th: Minute To Win It Games with Cups

Heading 1

Wed. May 20th: Car Track Painting

Track Painting
Track Painting

Track Painting
Track Painting

Car clean up
Car clean up

Track Painting
Track Painting


As we continue our unit on transportation, here is a fun and messy way to teach your kids about "cars." Have your child dip the cars into colored paints, and watch them race and travel across the paper, seeing the different track marks. After, you can have them wash the cars to learn the very important responsibility of washing your vehicle when it’s dirty! 

Thurs. May 21st: Build a Car Ramp

Car Ramp
Car Ramp

Car Ramp
Car Ramp

Car Ramp
Car Ramp

Car Ramp
Car Ramp


As we learn about transportation, here is a fun activity for your kids to show their creativity and building skills, by making a ramp out of blocks to race different cars down them. See how cars can go faster, slower or farther, depending on the construction of the ramp.

Fri. May 22nd: #9 Workout

friday fitness 2.jpg

Miss Chelsea challenges you to this Friday Fitness Workout! We are learning about the number 9. Try these 9 exercises, 9 reps each, and if you want to be crazy...try it for 9 rounds!! This workout will never let you forget the number nine :P Have fun! 

Tues. May 26th: Build a Rocket


Another fun form of transportation that the kids love, is a ROCKET SHIP! Have your child build their very own spacecraft using different materials like paper towel rolls or blocks. Then have them pretend to blast into outer space and explore the universe!! 

Wed. May 27th: Zumba

We begin to learn about the last letter of the alphabet this week…the letter “Z!” Here is a fun way to introduce the sound of the letter to your kids while getting them moving..ZUMBA!! Check out the video below and get dancing!

Thurs. May 28th: Go Surfing


Another fun form of transportation is a surfboard!! Have your kids decorate and create their very own surfboard. Then turn on the Beach Boys classic “Surfin' USA” and have your kids start shredding waves right in your own living room!

Fri. May 29th: Learning the letter "Z"

Since we are learning about the very last letter in the alphabet, Miss Donna wanted to do a special lesson, teaching the kids about the letter “Z.” Your kids have had fun while learning the entire alphabet with the help of our lovable Frog Street Press characters. Listen, learn, and sing along as we say goodbye to our Frog Street Press friends!

Mon. June 1st: Make a Sailboat 


Another form of transportation to teach your kids about during these beautiful warm days, are sailboats! Create small sailboats out of pool noodle pieces or recycled apple sauce containers, and have your kids race or play with them in the water!

Wed. June 3rd: Discovering the Farm

Thurs. June 4th: Farm Activities

Here are a variety of fun farm activities and crafts to do with your nursery school kids as they discover life on the farm. Check out our website in the “At Home Activities” section, to view more of our daily themed activities, like milking a cow!

Fri. June 5th: June Learning

For the month of June, we have a new shape and number we are learning about! Our shape is a STAR, our number is TEN, and we are reviewing the colors RED, WHITE & BLUE. Listen, learn and sing along with Miss Melinda, as we end the year being able to count using all ten fingers!

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Ocean Themed Activities