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About Us

East End Kids Academy offers a learning experience, which will engage and nurture the whole child; to inspire a balanced growth of heart, mind, body, and spirit. The children learn through structured - directed lessons as well as exploratory and hands on activities.

East End Kids Academy is a State of the Art Facility that is located on 6 acres of land in Manorville. We offer many programs that may suit your needs when it comes to childcare. We are considered both a day care facility and pre-school facility. We start our programs at the age of three years old and continue through until the age of 11 years old.

East End Kids is known for their high tech security system. We have a monitoring camera system installed throughout the building. The safety of your child is our main goal here at East End Kids Academy. The children are never released to anyone without consent from the parent.

East End Kids Academy is a building with 8 classrooms that are used throughout the day for the children. Each classroom shares a bathroom that is located between the two rooms. The building is cleaned and sterilized each and every night.

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