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Before/After School Care


East End Kids Academy provides care for children before and/or after school. East End Kids Academy is in the Eastport/South Manor School District. The school district will provide transportation for before school pick up and after school drop off for children who attend Dayton Avenue Elem., South Street Elem., Eastport Elem., and Tuttle Avenue Elem. 

It is the parent's responsibility to inform your child's teacher, the school, and the bus driver the days and the times your child will be attending East End Kids Academy. East End Kids Academy is privately owned and is NOT affiliated with the schools. 


Before School Care

As the children arrive for Before School Care, the children will be assigned to a classroom by the school they attend. In the classroom they will be able to finish breakfast from home, play with age-appropriate games/toys, and socialize with other children of their same age. 

After School Care

After a busy day at school, the children will get a chance to unwind and have fun.

The children in 1st thru 6th grade have the choice to: 

  • Eat snack which is provided from home

  • Outside Play (Weather Permitted) 

    • Playground Equipment

    • Basketball Court

    • Gaga Ball Pit

    • Kickball/Soccer Field 

    • Hopscotch/Shuffleboard/Box Ball and much more

  • Gym Activities

  • Board Games/Building Activities 

  • Homework/Drawing Room - a room will be set aside for children to independently get a start on their homework. We suggest that Kindergarteners and first graders do their homework with their parents. 
















All kindergarteners will be kept together to do activities among their group. At first, they can eat their snack which is provided from home. After their snack time they will have the chance to play outside weather permitting or free style play in a classroom. 



If your child will not be attending East End Kids Academy, please call the office so that we know where your child is. If your child is scheduled for Day Care and they do not get off the bus, we will contact you immediately. It is most important that you inform us of any play dates and/or after school functions that may affect your child's Day Care schedule. 

Whether your child attends Day Care or not, for whatever reason, you are responsible to pay your contracted days and hours you have chosen. Any additional hours needed, will be added on to your account. 

When Your Child Is Off from School

East End Kids Academy uses the Eastport/South Manor School District's calendar as a guide for most of the holidays off. East End Kids Academy has their own calendar which you will receive the beginning of the school year. 

If there is an emergency closing of your child's school while in session, (hazardous weather, no heat, no electricity, etc.) we will rearrange our schedule to accommodate your child until they are picked up. Again, any additional hours will be added to your account. 

Please note that hazardous weather also affects our staff and building. We will stay open for, one (1) additional hour upon arrival of your child. The center will then be closed for the safety of the staff. This should give you sufficient time to arrange for early pick-up of your child. 

Weekly Tuition

You will complete your child's schedule of attendance and agree to pay your weekly tuition. Each child must attend the minimum of at least two (2) days in a week. Your weekly tuition will be based on an hourly rate and the time that your child is at East End Kids will be calculated by the half hour. For example: if your child attends East End Kids for 1 hour and 15 minutes a week then your weekly tuition will be 1.5 hrs times the hourly rate. 

If you have multiple children attending, your first child will be full price and each additional child will receive a 10% discount

If your child is taking the bus to East End Kids and we are responsible for getting them off the bus, you will automatically be charged for a quarter of the hourly rate. For example: if you need your child to take the bus to East End Kids and you will be meeting the bus here or will be arriving within 15 minutes of the bus arrival you will be charged for a quarter of the hourly rate. 

East End Kids Academy's hours of operation are as follows 6:30am to 6:30pm. You may drop your child off as early as 6:30 am and picked up as late as 6:30pm. 

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