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Pre-School Program

Fall 2021-2022

4-Year Olds


East End Kids Academy offers a learning experience that will engage and nurture the whole child; to inspire a balanced growth of heart, mind, body, and spirit.  The children learn through structured – directed lessons as well as exploratory and hands on activities. 


Program Requirement: *Date of Birth December 2015 thru November 2017

                                      *Eligible to attend Kindergarten September 2022


Program Hours: 9:15am. – 2:15pm.


The following is a brief description of the different activities the children would be involved in during the program. Each activity listed below is a half hour session each.  


Learning Circle

(In Their Classroom with Their Main Teacher)

During learning circle your child will learn the days of the week, the months of the year, and will learn to read a calendar. The children will also learn about the weather and seasons. Songs and chants will be introduced to teach about holidays, seasons, and celebrations. During learning circle the children will also learn to identify letters and also know the sound of the letter. We spend one/two weeks on each letter, which includes identifying the capital and lower case as well as the sound of the letter. Shapes and colors will also be a part of learning circle.


Arts & Crafts

(In the Art Room with the Art Teacher)

An arts and craft is an activity that emphasizes on listening and following directions. The instructor will do a step-by-step procedure to complete a craft that the children will take home. The children will use glue, paints, crayons, markers, and much more.


Theme Activity

(In Their Classroom with Their Main Teacher)

During the theme activity time, your child will engage in various activities to learn about the scheduled monthly theme. 

For example: The theme for December is “Our Community.”  The teacher may set her classroom each day as a different place in our community and then do activities that pertain to that place. If a bakery is selected the activity may be making a special treat.


Gross Motor Skills Activity (Gym)

(In The Gym with Their Teacher)

The children will start with music to “warm up” and may use scarves, ribbons, hoops or balls to move with. They will then play a game that revolves around the letter of the week, the number, the color and/or the shape of the month. The gym games may also involve the season or holiday. The activities may include jumping, hopping, skipping or running – all important to enhance their gross motor skills.


Fine Motor Skills Activity

(In Their Classroom with Their Main Teacher)

The children will do activities that will enhance their fine motor skills. The activities will include cutting, drawing, tracing, lacing, beading, and writing. Also the activities will focus around the letter of the week, the season, the holiday, and /or the theme of the month. 



(In The Computer Room with Their Main Teacher)

The children will be allowed to work on their individual Dell computer. Their teacher will instruct them on how to use the mouse and key pad along with proper respect when using a computer. The children will learn and play on their individual Dell computer using appropriate software that will change weekly or bi-weekly. Each child will use their own headphones which will be purchased from the front office.


Outside Play

(Outside Playground with Their Main Teacher)

The children will go outside to play everyday that weather permits. We ask that you send your child to school with the appropriate attire. We will not go outside if it is raining, snowing, ice on the ground, and if it is too cold or hot.


Snack / Bathroom / Story

(In Their Classroom with Their Main Teacher)

During this time your child will have story time. After story the children will take turns going to the bathroom and washing their hands. After their hands are washed they will then eat snack which is provided from home. We encourage healthy snacks and teach the children the importance of eating healthy to grow strong. The children learn to open up their snack, clean up after themselves and put their lunch boxes away when they are finished eating. They are also learning to use their table manners when eating with their friends.



(In Their Classroom with Their Main Teacher)

Lunch is provided from home. The teacher will make sure that the main part of lunch is eaten before the children move on to any snacks that you may have sent for them. The teacher will also make sure that hands are washed before they sit to eat. When the children are finished with their lunch they must ask to be excused and then they will clean up after themselves

& Nursery School 

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